Smartible delivers new high-speed network for qLD Manufacturing firm.

Smartible’s 18 month engagement with the leading Australian Spray Equipment manufacturer incorporated months of planning and design, working with architects, electricians, ISPs and MSPs to reach tight milestones. 

In order to keep costs reasonable, Smartible recommended and deployed Ubiquiti Networks (UBNT) for core switching, routing and edge devices. This 10Gbps network utilises brand new Single Mode 10GBE fibre in a star network design. 

This network supports the production, security and operational performance of the business – and delivers a consistent WiFi network across all 10,000m2 for staff. 

For user performance, Smartible deployed Ubiquiti’s WiFi 6 LR Access Points, which provides both 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio performance across all 9 sub-compartments of the new building complex. 

Ubiquiti’s Dream Machine Pro was the perfect fit for routing, offering broad management capabilities with excellent redundancy and performance for price. 


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Smartible recommends Ubiquiti Networks products for most applications due to their performance per dollar and lack of software licensing requirements. 

Smartible does not in any way have a marketing or sales relationship with Ubiquiti Networks. Customers are encouraged to procure their hardware from existing MSP or IT Procurement partners.